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Motorbiking in Vietnam is the best way to explore the best places that no other way you can see. Rental motorbikes in Vietnam or buying a motorbikes to ride yourself is lifetime experience. So how buy a motorbike or rental motorbike in Vietnam for your safe adventure. You need to know some tricks here that helpful for your ride with safe and fun.

Motorbike is very large variety from cheap Chinese copy motorbike to quality Honda or Yamaha. So depend on how you want your trip last and how long you want to spend on the bike. The following tips are very basic and sensitive advice from local people who know the truth.

What to look for when buying a motorbike in Vietnam ?

Make sure you have experience riding a motorbike, scooter and understand Vietnam traffic is very important

There are still many young backpacker try to ride a scooter or automatic motorbike while they never ride before. Actually its still not a worst experience for all of them but still many people had accident with first time riding. The more rist they take is that the traffic in Vietnam are crazy and different to your country. And its count many backpacker die cause by riding motorbike in Vietnam. So if you want to get the fun adventure by motorbike but no experience you should go with local rider. But if you really decided to ride a scooter or motorbike yourself, you can see more tips here to know excactly how to ride as local people in Vietnam trafficEverything is for your safety traveling in Vietnam. So how to buy a good motorbike in Vietnam is common question for everyone

New motorbikes is not always the best

If you want to start riding for long distance in the next few day, then buying a new motorbike is not a good choice. Because the new motorbikes, scooter need to runned in for a while and will not allowed o ride over 20km/hour. So you can imagine how boring your trip will be if you buy the new one in this case.

Second,  the new motorbike, scooter is more expensive so if you plan to travel in Vietnam for few months or less. This is not a good idea to spend much money on the new motorbikes while the second hand is good enough

So if you spend long time in  Vietnam or have other reason to buy a new motorbike, just pick Honda or Yamaha. They have from 110cc to 1000cc for you to choose up on your needed and of course price will stick with the cc.

Now you decide to buy the second hand motorbike to ride in Vietnam for your limited holiday. That you need to know how to choose a good one that will give you a safe trip

Buy a motorbike then sale it before you leave 

This might be the one of best way that will not cost too much but you can also have some money back later. So to make sure you can get the good engine motorbike then you can sale it easier. Because the local might not need you have good looking motorbike but the engine have to be good. So you need to contact with a reliable motorbike company in Vietnam to ensure you not have to worry about the rest. Hue Motorbike Tour offer motorbike tour in Vietnam and have partner selling motorbike. So contact to ask more question before you get one. Or can check on website to find secon hand motorbike availability. When you have chance to look at the motorbike, take the following tip to decide

Dont look at the appearance, check the engine first. 

Some motorbikes, scooter looks new with nice painting but becareful if there is a problem that the owner want to hide. Of course that is not about the bad thing when you see a new second hand motorbike. So the first step is check the engine with a short ride to see if its still strong. The good second hand motorbikes will start easy, no strange and broken sounds, not get hot in short time. When you get it start and free gear, twist the gear up and down to see if it sounds even or break. The body of the motorbike should be fit and all the facilities are not disconected.

The very important that you need to check the screws by engine cover are wear or not. Thats mean the engine have been repaired many time or not. And the very important for buying a proper second hand motorbikes, scooter is numbers. First to check engine’s number and body number then the plate’s license is all match with the registration certificate. So you will not be cheat with fake motorbikes or robbed motorbike that not own by the saler. And the last important is to write a contract with the saler and your signature to warranty your trading is legal.

Which second hand motorbike is the best to buy in Vietnam ?

Honda Win: NOT BUY

buy honda win vietnam motorbike

Few year ago, “honda win” is the word for tourist talking about buying and ride in Vietnam. But the truth is they are not real Honda and as the time go by, they are too old now to ride. Because backpacker buy it in Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh then sale it again in the end. Then those “honda win” have been use too much and will break down often on the way. We have read many review from backpacker complain about their honda win leaking oil and break down but can not fixed in one time. So not buy the “honda win” that will give you less stress then

Yamaha Nouvo 110cc- Automatic ( nouvo 3): Check it carefully 

Automatic scooter Yamaha Nouvo 125 cc

As the Yamaha nouvo 110cc is produced in 2009 so many of them are having problem. But its cheap and affordable to buy and ride in Vietnam mountain road. So if you think about this you should check it very carefully to make sure not have trouble then.

Honda Airblade 125cc-Automatic: Good but might not a budget for everyone

cho thuê xe máy giá rẻ tại Huế

As its good and fashionable automatic motorbike so the cost to buy is might not a budget for everyone. But if you looking for a good automatic bike the Honda Air blade is a good option. If you looking for an automatic motorbike with budget you can choose Yamaha Nouvo Lx 135

Yamaha nouvo Lx 135cc-Automatic (nouvo 4): Best automatic motorbike 

Da nang scooter rental
Automatic Yamaha nouvo Lx 135cc. Comfortable for 2 people ride over mountain

The engine with 135cc is great updated motorbike from Yamaha that strong for all the mountrain road. Fashion automatic bike and comfortable for 2 people  as well. The negative of Yamaha Nouvo lx 135 is using a bit more petrol then Airblade 🙂

Honda Master 125cc- Manual motorbike: Good, Comfortable for 2 people 

Da nang motorcycle rental
Honda Master 125cc. Perfect for 2 people ride up over mountain. Comfortable seat

For those have experience and might want to buy a manual motorbike, Honda Master 125 is the best. Because its strong enough for all mountain road and also very comfortable for 2 people with luggage behind. Recommend this manual motorbike to buy in Vietnam 

Yamaha Xr 125- Manual motorbike: Good but not for 2 people 

Yamaha Xr 125-250 is good for mountain and for tall people to ride. If you can afford you can buy this. The negative is its not a good motorbike for 2 people together 🙂

The above tips How to buy motorbike in Vietnam is for those want to make your trip more fun. If you have any other question about buy, rent motorbike in Vietnam please feel free to contact us

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