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Motorcycle Hue to Hoi An
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How to ride a  motorbike in Vietnam’s crazy traffic is always a regular question of all fellow travellers. Not only Vietnam’s traffic are crazy but traffic in Southeast Asia country are similar. Probably, Vietnam has the most crazy traffic of all therefore to anyone come to Vietnam will be a challenge to ride. So learn how to ride in Vietnam’s traffic is crazy but fun. With the following simple steps you can ride yourself easy after few time spend on the bike.

To most travellers, Vietnam’s traffic is so crazy and that will be the first impression when you arrive Vietnam. But its acttually not crazy as it looks like and you can answer that after spend time walking on the street seeing local people ride. So how could that work while it looks so crazy and seems magical trick

You growing up with it

First, because Vietnamese people growing up with bike riding everywhere so even you not ride but at least there will be no fear. So even get a ride on a bike with adult is very exciting to all the kids. So be yourself with no fear that will be the first lesson

ride scooter in Vietnam

The rule is not follow the rule, follow people instead 

Is there a rule to ride in Vietnam ? That is a very good question and the answers is “yes, of course”. But in Vietnam people not follow the rule and its still work. Its not about break the rule but due to the amount of the bike are everywhere. And its easier than a car to move around therefore you need to move as possible as you can. Then people will follow you or get around you instead. So what will happend if someone follow the rule likes waiting for other cross first or go in line. You can not imagine how it would be with an endless line and traffic jam. But remember its not about break the rule badly because the rule still right when you have a problem and need a proof. So always keep riding on the right so you will be right

Ride motorbike in Vietnam
Dangerous carrying on the road in Vietnam . Sourse: Cafe F

Dont ride crazy as it looks like

The limited speed on road by law is from 40km-60km per hour and usually people ride 20km-50km per hour. But sometime you can see someone riding through faster and still looks safe. Just say no to that thought because there are a lot random stuff happen unusually such as pot hole, animal. And you would never know what will happend so ride slow and follow the flow of people. So there are some crazy backpacker ride very crazy even without a helmet and they thought they are cool. That is extremly terrible experience and local people hate it too. Also some tourist thought Vietnamese police can not do anything as stop them if they are wrong, therefore they even not care about the rule anymore. I think they will be regret one day

Vietnam on motorbike
Motorbike in Vietnam. Sourse: 24h

Turn from this side to other side 

Probably, you will stop and look both side before turning but its not really well work and sometime will make you in trouble. The better way is slowly down and turn step by step from your side, then people will stay away from you. Of course turn the indicator on is needed to make you right. But the trick is just keep riding and slow moving, not stop in middle of the road. Even if you cross pass where you want to turn in, keep moving till you get to the side and go back. That is much better and smart to keep you safe

Road and traffic in Vietnam

The horn beep is not about angry 

With the experience about the horn beep in Europe or western country will be annoying and rude. You should forget it when you ride in Vietnam because it is important. When someone beep the horn, its mean they are coming and need a lane to pass. Or sometime to let people know they are around or close behind in case you turn. So the horn beep is not about angry but about a signal more. You will get used to with that noise when ride in Vietnam

So what is the best way to travel on a bike in Vietnam ?

If you come to Vietnam, ride on a bike is must do to have fun and see the best. But to some people this is a crazy idea and scary. So there are many way to travel on a bike in Vietnam

Hire or rent a bike at a local place is become popular nowadays to backpackers who want to ride with adventure. So just make sure you get a good condition bike and helmet then you can make it. Of course, experience rider is safer to ride. Also you can ride your bike and follow a guide to see the best of Vietnam

If you are scary about the traffic, get a local rider and you stay on the back then you can get to anywhere safer. There are many motorbike tour option you can pick to explore the real Vietnam


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